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If I never find my Guardian, I'll go steal someone else's. I hear Sagira had a good time with that.

Peach is a cynical unpartnered Ghost who lives in the Last City.


Peach was invited to speak at the Peregrine Institute of Higher Learning alongside another unpartnered Ghost, Balthazar, about the nature of the Traveler, Light, and themselves. She found the first question about what they believed the Traveler was terrible and argued with Balthazar about him ascribing female pronouns to the Traveler, arguing that they did not know for sure what it was. She attempted to impress upon the audience that no Ghost, despite what Balthazar claimed, knew any more about the Traveler than the rest of them. When Balthazar declared the Traveler made each Ghost for one person only who was predestined to complete each other, Peach offended him by claiming that would make the Traveler a jerk and declared that she knew many Ghosts who had perished searching for their Guardian and that she did not feel incomplete without one.[1]

The next question was about if they remembered being inside the Traveler. Peach answered with a swift no but quickly became exasperated as Balthazar stated he did and that Ghosts called it the womb. She quickly insisted that she did not call it that and mocked Balthazar's mixed metaphors about what it was like being part of the Traveler and accused him of lying about remembering being inside it. When the next audience member commented that some believed each Ghost was part of the Traveler's divine whole, Peach laughed at them and declared that if she was part of the Traveler then it was certainly not divine. Another audience member questioned what they would do if they never found their Guardian. Peach mockingly asked Balthazar if he got it in writing when he answered he was destined to find his before answering that she would steal someone else's Guardian, recalling that Sagira had recently had a positive experience doing that. Peach was excited about the next question regarding what food they would eat if they could, mentioning nectarines and hot sauce before declaring she was interested in something crunchy like roasted crickets. She then questioned the audience about what it was like to eat things.[1]

As the Coalition began making preparations to stop the Witness from enacting the Final Shape, Micah-10 planned to bring unpartnered Ghosts into the Pale Heart to help heal the Traveler. Peach would be the first Ghost the Guardian would be sent to find after she was reported in the Cosmodrome after she had gone missing while investigating the nest Navôta, Eir Spawn had occupied in the Jovian Complex. After finding Peach in the Steppes, the Guardian would bring to the Pale Heart to get her cleaned of corruption.[2]

Personality and traits[edit]

"Look, I know tons of Ghosts who died before they ever found their Guardians. I know some Ghosts who still haven't found a Guardian. You haven't. And I haven't, but I don't think I'm "incomplete" because of it."
— Peach, discussing the nature of Ghosts and the Traveler

Peach was combative and disliked theoretical discussions about the Traveler and the Light. She did not believe that she was fated to find a Guardian like other Ghosts did and argued that the intentions ascribed to the Traveler and the purpose of Ghosts might not be accurate. Peach herself did not consider herself lesser for not having found a Lightbearer to raise. Despite her general antipathy, Peach was interested in what eating was like and questioned humans about tasting things.[1]

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