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"I used to think it was me; perhaps I was too picky, but… he assured me, humanity was vast. The gift of the Light must be deserved, and it was better to be thorough than to end up with someone too weak to bear the burden, or worse, misuse it. He, at least, made me feel… useful."
— Dejana, on the Speaker

Dejana is a Ghost who served the Speaker as a cartographer.


Over hundreds of years, Dejana traveled the Solar System looking for her Guardian to raise, visiting Earth, the Moon, and Venus. She eventually met the Speaker, who provided her the name Dejana, and she shared her worries with him about never finding a person worthy of being reborn in the Light. The Speaker reassured her that she would find somebody one day to shoulder that burden, and requested that while she searched for her Guardian she could also work with him as a cartographer. Tired of her search and wishing to feel useful to Humanity, Dejana agreed to work with the Speaker.[1]

In the aftermath of the Red War and the awakening of the Traveler, Dejana traveled to The Last City and began searching the ruins the Speaker's office in the North Tower for any sign of her friend. She was joined by dozens of other Ghosts who worked for him, and together they scanned through the entire tower. During their investigation, Dejana introduced herself to another unpartnered Ghost with a red shell named Anwar as he stared at the Living Traveler from where the Speaker had once stood. He told her the Speaker had recruited him to be a deconstructionist, and then asked if she could feel it. Confused and following his gaze to the Traveler, she asked what he meant, and he stated that he could feel a pressure.[1]

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