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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Drifter's Taken




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Gambit Prime


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"Tearing soldiers of the Deep from another realm is crossin' a bridge too far as is. But those beasts? Those weren't normal Taken possessed and set to rage. They were born of that shadow realm and they were… angry. Worse. They were hungry for the Light. You could feel it. Even a ways off. Their aura and their rage weighed on me—cast a shadow I could feel in my core."
— Excerpt from a Renegade's observations of a Drifter

Primevals are a class of Taken that feature in Gambit. According to the Drifter, they are among the oldest and most powerful Taken, hence their name. They can be summoned through the use of Motes of Darkness.[1]


These beings are not like other Taken, They are not individuals transformed from the physical reality to the the Deep, these creatures are born of that shadow realm, ever hungry for the Light and angry too, their elemental composition differs entirely, such as low Sterile Neutrino Count(SNC), High-Ambient Lanbda-CDM (ΛCDM). The Drifter has been pilfering the Ascendant realm of these Primevals with his banks for "potential". Now he can create "Primeval-like" entities using both energies from the Haul and sheer force of will, those even take on the visage of the Echoes of Oryx because the Drifter thought that would be the most frightening.[2]

At one point, The Guardian managed to gain into their possession the Hear of an Ascnedant Primeval, it was delivered to the Drifter who would use it for later purposes.[3] Primevals are rather fast and are powerful enough to tear apart teams of Guardians, and likely perma-kills them too somehow, and are able to heal form their deaths.[4][5][6] However, a weakness they share is that their methods of engagement are like rituals, take out their Taken Envoys and weaken them faster.[7]


Primevals are summoned once the mote bank is full (Seventy five in Gambit and one hundred in Gambit Prime). In Gambit they play like any other Taken Ultra of their kind, but with much more health than many other Ultra Taken. In order to kill the Primevals the player must kill Taken Wizards named Envoys to weaken the Primeval and kill it.

In Gambit Prime the Primeval has an invulnerability shield and in order to damage the Primeval you must kill three Envoys scattered around the map to activate a well of Light and damage the Primeval.


  • The ΛCDM is referenced to the Lanbda-CDM model, which is the parametization of the Big Bang cosmological model in which the universe has three components:
    1. A cosmological constant denoted by Lambda (Greek Λ) and associated with dark energy.
    2. The postulated cold dark matter (abbreviated CDM).
    3. Ordinary matter.
  • The SNC is a reference to Sterile Neutrino Count which are hypothetical particles (neutral leptons – neutrinos) that interact only via gravity and do not interact via any of the fundamental interactions of the Standard Model.

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