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"If the Empire is to survive and grow in this new age, we must adapt. I will crown our collective anew and from its birthing shall come forth a greater Cabal Empire."
— Dominus Gar'hool

The Greater Cabal Empire is the newly reformed conglomerate of the Legions under the Cabal Collective merged with the Imperial throne. The faction was formed when Dominus Gar'hool restored connections to Torobatl and the Cabal core worlds where his Statesman and Emissaries could control the newly fledged Praetorate. The Greater Cabal Empire represents the largest Cabal force in Sol and the universe.

The Greater Cabal Empire represents a resurgence of the old Empire's client species as well, Clipse and Eliksni.

The Greater Cabal Empire
GreaterCabalEmpireInsigniaV2-Dominus Garhool.png



Focal world(s):

Cabal homeworld
Athenaeum Worlds


Reunite the Legions under the Cabal Empire
Expand the Greater Cabal Empire
Research and utilize spoils of the system
Combat Guardian Self Resurrection
Eliminate Deserters
Reform the Cabal Empire
Dispose Calus and Caiatl


Red, black, and gold lined armor
Imperial Crest

Notable groups:

Cabal Collective (Formed from)
Soulscorchers (Lead by)
Red Legion (Formed from)

Notable individuals:

Dominus Gar'hool
Evocate General Tra'jan
Arch-Primus Triarius
Highborn Thyta
Primus Ru'dun
Engineer Gru'urg

Other name(s):

Cabal, Soul Scorchers, Red Legion, The Cabal Collective



Predominantly Red Legion, the Greater Cabal Empire was formed from the amalgamated Legions under the Cabal Collective headed by the Cabal Secret Service, the Soulscorchers. They exhibit heavy hardcore Imperial Cabal tendencies and traditions, however, greatly differ from standalone Cabal Legions. Being birthed from the Cabal Collective which in turn was birthed from the Soulscorchers, the Greater Cabal Empire represents an immensely more literate and philosophically progressed Cabal. Its ranks and individuals come from backgrounds that contrast vastly to one another and its members actively implore spreading their influence onto the rest of the Cabal.

Similar to Caiatl's creed, the thesis for the development and progression of the Greater Cabal Empire was emphasized on being unlike Ghaul nor Calus. Spearheaded by Gar'hool, the Greater Cabal Empire acknowledged the strengths and vices of both characters and their doctrines, integrating the best of both while discarding that which had stagnated or outright caused decay or weakness. Under this new doctrine, referred to simply as "Gar'hool's doctrine", the Greater Cabal Empire would flourish. Forces in Sol were greatly moralized and numbers of desertions and losses diminished further and further. Civilians at home, the vast majority of which had been used to the Industrial militarism of Ghaul, slowly bent and followed the dogma and words spread by Gar'hool and his Collective.

It was adamant, however, that Gar'hool and this Greater Cabal Empire still not violate the Empire's traditions and laws. Holding himself up to only the highest honor, Gar'hool refused to return home until victory in Sol was secured - pledging to secure his oath. Despite this, in recent history, Gar'hool has defied the position of being a service to the Empire to reform it and has begun to publicly denounce and reprimand Caiatl for trying to take away all of his hard-earned achievements he rightfully earned through blood and sacrifice. Although being a controversy at home, the overwhelming majority of Cabal in Sol refused to listen to Caiatl and remained loyal to the Dominus. Gar'hool wrestled for control of the Empire's states, but as of its Legions in the system, he had wrangled control of them to a near absolute.


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