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"The Empire understood, against its pride, that they would require a contingency plan in the case of the impossible. We are the response. We shall not wage an offensive for our Empire, but defend it! Protect it until our dying breath!"
— Lex Aeterna

The SoulScorchers are an elite secret organization of the Cabal that originated from a fracture of the Red Legion. Their sole purpose is to act as a designated survivor and secret service, responding in times of major crisis facing the Empire.



Reunification of the Cabal Legions
Reformation of the Cabal Empire
Elite Guardsmen of Cabal Sovereignty
Covert Secret Service


Dominus Gar'hool
Highborn Thyta
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The SoulScorchers exist as the leading body behind the Cabal Collective and the many legions and remnants stringed to it. Hiding amongst the Shadows, the SoulScorchers rarely reveal themselves and prefer taking a less noticeable and loud approach to operations than their Cabal Red Legion before them. After the Red War, the Soulscorchers were deployed to the Sol System, embodying the greatest Cabal power in the system in secrecy until swearing security to Empress Caiatl of the Imperial Throne.



In the time of the Dominus' Reign, Ghaul had enacted and established numerous new features and policies to the Empire. The Political spectrum shifted to an absolute militant and industrial focus. In the building of the Empire the Red Legion would become the Dominus' personal Legion, and amongst this Legion, multiple fractures would be created - one fracture being the soon to be SoulScorchers.

The fracture that would become this legion was founded on a very simple but critical precipice. Undesignated Fracture would not exist. It would not be mentioned in any writing, any speech, or military archives. Its mere mention would qualify as a breach of internal security and thus a heretical (and lethal) sentence.

In the case of an extreme unprecedented event, the SoulScorchers would be the Empires response to said cataclysmic crisis. As Humanity constructed the Warminds to be the safeguard of humanity; The SoulScorchers, The Cabal.

A Failsafe[edit]

Best described as a failsafe, the SoulScorchers would have copies of nearly everything the Cabal had ever wrote, built, or philosophised on. With this, the SoulScorchers had multiple of its twisting and winding roots hunkered into the Anathaeum Worlds of the Cabal People. They would be granted all of this so that they could preserve their people - their duty beuond holy.

With such, the SoulScorchers appeared to show an advancement over even the great and mighty Red Legion.

The Legion would be given an Enclave of Commanders and officials from the Empire, ranging top tier Scientists and sophisticated scholars to the mightiest and most adept Soldiers and Commanders. Head of the group standing above all others would be the eventual Primus of Primus' as well as succeeding Dominus. An extremely honored Cabal amongst those who knew him. An agent of the Empire and conspirator to Ghaul. The Grander one himself and victor of all Rites. Gar'hool.

Command Structure[edit]