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Orbs of Power, also known as Orbs of Light before the release of Beyond Light, are a type of item within Destiny.[1]


Orbs of Light recharge a player's Super meter, and are released whenever an ally uses a Super. This encourages players to use Supers frequently when in groups. Orbs can be picked up by simply walking over them, provided the player's Super isn't charged, or they don't have other ways of using them. Orbs have physics applied to them, and will be moved by explosions and roll down inclines.


In Destiny, sometimes gear can have perks where collecting orbs of power heals players. Killing a normal enemy typically yields one orb, while killing a major will yield four. Ward of Dawn, which is a purely defensive super, generates about two orbs of power upon activation; however, the Defender class has other ways to generate orbs as well. Besides using supers, artifacts are also useful for generating orbs of power by other means, such as melee or grenades.

Destiny 2[edit]

There are multiple ways to generate Orbs of Power in Destiny 2. Besides using a Super, Head Armor Mods can be used to generate Orbs through precision kills or rapid kills. Elemental and Kinetic Siphon generate Orbs for kills with their respective element, while Harmonic Siphon allows Orb generation if the weapon's element matches the Subclass in use. Every Subclass also has a Fragment that allows Orb generation through various means. Orbs have different power depending on how they were generated, with Super Orbs restoring more energy than Siphon Orbs.

Leg Armor Mods allow Orbs of Power to recharge different abilities, or provide other effects. While not essential to it, Orbs of Power synergize with the Charged with Light family of Combat Style Mods. The Explosive Light Weapon Perk also requires collection of Orbs of Power.


  • Weapons of Masterwork quality used to generate Orbs through precision kills and rapid. This feature was removed when The Witch Queen expansion came out, to give space to Origin Perks on weapons, and replaced with Siphon mods.

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