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"What is the Human word for one with good spirit, but who speaks loudly, and without reason?"
"Umm… an idiot?"
"Yes, it is so. Klyfiks is an idiot.
Mithrax and Glint discuss Klyfiks[1]

Klyfiks is an Eliksni engineer. Originally a member of the House of Dusk, he defected to the House of Light and followed Mithrax, Kell of Light to The Last City after the House was offered shelter there by the Vanguard.


While stationed on Nessus with the House of Dusk to scavenge from the wreckage of the Exodus Black, Klyfiks would often hide during clashes between his fellow Fallen and the Vex. During one such battle he took shelter in a cave known as The Rift. Within he Klyfiks saw a mysterious creature with a round bulbous head with flaming eyes, although it did not attack him.[2]

After leaving the House of Dusk for the House of Light, Klyfiks was one of many Eliksni who relocated to the Botza District of The Last City during the Endless Night. He was assigned to repair their Shank which had been damaged during their evacuation from Europa. Klyfiks set out to scavenge the needed parts to conduct the repairs and found them within the city. As he set about fashioning the parts into what he needed, a human emerged from a nearby building and began yelling at him. Although he could not recognize the words, Klyfiks realized the human was upset and hostile and fled back to the House of Light's encampment. He sought out Eido and explained the encounter to her. Working with Ikora Rey, Klyfiks learned that the scrap had been set aside by the human to repair a vintage Sparrow. This was confusing to Klyfiks, as the Eliksni shared all scrap and did not save it for specific purposes, but the House of Light arranged to repay the man for the materials and the engineer gained a greater understanding of human motives and culture.[3]

Seeking a way to build goodwill and trust with their new human neighbors, Klyfiks spied upon a human woman working on a machine that constantly emitted smoke. He resolved to repair it for the woman and took it during the night as she slept, utilizing scrap metal from the Eliksni camp and working through the night. He placed it back before she woke and hid to watch her reaction as it turned on and began to move without emitting much smoke. To his disappointment the woman was angry, and he and Eido later discovered that the machine had not been broken but was used to smoke and cure meats. However, the neighborhood children were now utilizing it to ride and play in the street all day, leading the two Eliksni to determine that Klyfiks had done a great thing for them.[4]

Klyfiks was later approached by Eido and the Ghost Glint, who learned that the engineer might have information regarding a mystery he was investigating: the Headless Ones. Recognizing the description as the creature he saw on Nessus, Klyfiks agreed to provide information on what he saw in exchange for his own Sparrow. The Ghost agreed much to Klyfiks delight, and he described to Glint what he had seen and where, although he cautioned the Ghost that the Headless One might be more hostile towards them.[2]

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