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Vanguard of the Month is an award given at Destinypedia to staff who contribute positively to the smooth operation of Destinypedia. These users are helpful, active, and friendly. If you want to nominate someone for Vanguard of the Month, do so here. If you can't remember the name of the person, try looking at our list of staff members.


Note that the Vanguard of the Month is selected based on number of votes. The sysop who receives the most votes for the next month only will be chosen. You may nominate the same sysop each month if you wish; Vanguard of the Month works similarly to an election. Votes will be counted some time during the last day of each month; in the event of a tie, there will be additional time allowed for the nominating until there is a clear winner. (Note that only user accounts of Destinypedia may input votes and that it is preferable for each user to nominate only one person a month.) If you wish to change your vote, please cross out (but do not remove) any previous votes that you have made.


The Vanguard of the Month may also signify themselves by adding this Award to their user page:

This admin was the VANGUARD OF THE MONTH for the month of {{{1}}}! Vanguard.png

Past Vanguards of the Month


† = Denotes Second Award
†† = Denotes Third Award

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