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April 5th

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K it's been fixed but... what's with all these usernames that are just numbers? Here's an example: Is that Spartabot or somin'?


Someone vandalized the Curse of Osiris page. Its very inappropriate.


hello Spartacus! Why did you resend me that message? Just asking thanks! :)


Hey Spartacus! This is what bureaucrat means. "An official in a government department, in particular one perceived as being concerned with procedural correctness at the expense of people's needs." I don't think that the second one with "At the expense of people's needs" is correct. You're a nice dude Spartacus, did you mean just the first part of the meaning with "An official in a government department"? in that case, you're right. I just wanted to show you that bureaucrat is kind of an insult to yourself? That or I'm just an idiot that over-analyses things. (that's probably almost none of my stuff is current XDDDDD.) Anyway have a great day Spartacus! I may not be editing things much anymore, I may have an urge and have a HUGE burst like how I did last week but other than that... yah. I'll just be here to talk with peeps and learn about Destiny. (and fix an occasional mistake.)


I have a question Spartacus. Are you the founder of Destinypedia? If not, then who? If you don't reply that's fine, your probably very busy.


Hey Spartacus! Virgil told me that you sent him (in his mindset) a scary message and I see how. Your an admin and me and my brother are just members and I just wanted to assure you that we are not trying to make any kind of fiasco. He wanted me to join Destinypedia so I did. I'm not sure if I'll make much edits as I never really liked lore in games, I came to Destiny for game play but he insisted I joined to get into the lore. I hope none of this is offensive that either Virgil or I do whether it be messages or edits. I'm happy to be here and to help if necessary Spartacus! Thanks for showing care in this site!