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Ghislaine was an operative of Dead Orbit who was assigned to secretly pillage the Green Dove Arcology on Titan.


While en route to Titan from Earth, Ghislaine's ship was intercepted by Arrha, an agent of The Spider, who had learned of Dead Orbit's operation to steal from the Green Dove Arcology. Brought before The Spider in his lair in the Tangled Shore, Ghislaine protested her capture and was incensened that The Spider had decrypted Dead Orbit's logs on what they had stolen from Green Dove. The Spider offered to provide Dead Orbit with an armillary from the New Pacific Arcology in exchange for certain items they had recovered from Green Dove, requesting number eighty-nine on Ghislaine's flight manifest. She protested that her inventory had only gone up to seventy-one and that The Spider must have accessed another Dead Orbit vessel's flight inventory and that unless that ship had also been intercepted, that item was likely back on Earth in the Last City. Although The Spider was disappointed, he allowed Ghislaine to leave his territory unharmed to continue her mission.[1]

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