Sok'tol, Fifth of the Light

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Sok'tol, Fifth of the Light
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Lucent Brood

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Captured by Xivu Arath's forces


Sok'tol, Fifth of the Light is a Hive Lightbearer of the Lucent Brood.


At some point after his resurrection, Sok'tol was captured by Hive loyal to Xivu Arath. He would be brought to an altar and his Ghost detained with Hive spellcraft by a trio of Wizards. They worked to bring him back after being killed by an Ogre crowned with an emerald corona again and again, including being beaten and crushed to death by the Ogre's hulking fists or being obliterated by a blast of Soulfire from the Ogre's mouth. Whenever Sok'tol tried to fight back, such as by forming a grenade in his hand, the crowd of Acolytes would tear off his fingers. All the while, a voice bellowed all around him to get him to spill the secrets of Savathûn, as well as mocking how both her and Sok'tol's strength would be hers.[1]