Abundance Monitor

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Abundance Monitor
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Grasp of Avarice

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VoidS.png Servitor Eye


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Midair Levitation
Rapid Flight
Immunity Shield
VoidS.png Absorption Shield (Master)


Abundance Monitors are an Elite class of Fallen Servitors belonging to a gang of pirates led by Captain Avarokk, the Covetous. They are encountered in the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon.[1]


Abundance Monitors are found in the Sunken Lair during the Fallen Shield encounter of the Dungeon. One will appear at each of the seven encampments located throughout the area. Each Servitor is protected by an immunity shield, and will be accompanied by several other Fallen enemies; all of whom will drop Cursed Engrams upon being killed. Picking these up will give you the "Burdened by Riches" debuff, which can stack multiple times. In order to neutralize a Monitor's shield, the player will be required to deposit twenty of these burdens in an Icon of Excess found its encampment. The debuff will kill you if the thirty second timer on them runs out, although it can be reset by picking up more engrams. Once the required amount has been deposited, the Monitor will lose its shield and can be destroyed. After one has been killed, its inner core will remain intact, beginning a ninety second timer. You will be required to role the husk to the nearby Cannon Accelerator and activate the generator with a Scorch Cannon—which can be acquired from Scorch Vandals that spawn—to launch it at one of the power cores of the Fallen Shield, destroying it and decreasing the barrier's integrity. However, the Servitor will detonate if the countdown reaches zero, forcing you to try again at another spot. Upon hitting the target, the player must move on to the next encampment with a Monitor there. Players will have to repeat this process at least four times before the Shield is taken out.

When playing the Dungeon on Master difficulty, Abundance Monitors will possess Void Absorption Shields under their initial defences, which are highly resistant to any weapons or abilities that do not match said element.


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