Vrisk, the Coward

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Vrisk, the Coward
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Vrisk could have shrugged off the Wretch's body and seized his Arc Spear to retaliate. Instead, he simply lay beneath his dying crewmate and let the battle play out.[1]

Vrisk, the Coward was a Fallen Dreg who managed to locate and retrieve one the artifacts of Nezarec, sought after by Eramis and the Witness. Before he could bring his finding to the Shipstealer, however, he was killed when the Hive of the Lucent Brood assaulted his hideout in search of the reliquary.


Little is known about Vrisk's past — only that he once belonged to a group of Fallen pirates. At some point in time, he learnt that one of the relics of Nezarec was located within a safehouse deep within the Martian asteroid belt. One day, he and his crewmate, Krilix, were recalibrating the struts on their crew's Ketch when they came under attack by a rival group of Cabal and Eliksni. Krilix was shot in the chest and his corpse landed on top of Vrisk. The Dreg decided against getting back up face the attackers, opting instead to lie in hiding under the Wretch's bloody husk until conflict was settled. As the raiders tore apart the ship, Vrisk deduced from their chatter that they were after the relics of Nezarec, and the bounty that Eramis was offering for them. Knowing the true location of the reliquary, the pirate decided he would bring it to the Shipstealer and claim the prize for it, before falling asleep as he lay beneath his companion's body.[1]

Vrisk later managed to get his hands on the artifact, and took it to the 43193 Secinaro asteroid in the Themis Cluster for safekeeping. However, his hideout was attacked by the Lucent Hive — led by Ei Arat, Trespasser — who were also searching for the relics. In a state of panic, the Dreg contacted Eramis for permission to use the relic to fend off the intruders. However, the Kell emphasized that he was not to do it under any circumstances, as he was far too weak to wield its power and it would destroy him. She then insisted they defend the relic at all costs, and assured him that reinforcements were on their way. This would not matter, however, as he was killed by the Hive forces before help could arrive.[2]

Personality and traits[edit]

As his title suggests, Vrisk's most notable trait is his cowardice. This is put on full display when he uses the corpse of his crewmate as a blanket to hide from the attacking pirates. He is shown to be very short-sighted yet opportunistic, getting involved in situations far larger than him without thinking about the specifics. This much is proven by the fact that he went after the relic of Nezarec, but failed to realise how much danger he was putting himself in.

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