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Marin Mansanas
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I couldn't afford to miss. Not when it was his life on the line.

Marin Mansanas is a Guardian who became known as the Tangled Outrider on the Tangled Shore and wielded the infamous bow Trinity Ghoul. She was partnered with the Ghost Pom.


After the Trinity Ghoul was stolen by Elykris, the Machinist, Marin sought out the ex-Corsair Errol Mayz to help her retrieve it. Upon seeing her approach, the mercenary commented that he had never been hired by a Guardian before. Noting he still had not and did not know what the job was, Marin revealed her identity to him and he quickly noted by the lack of her bow that it had been stolen. When she told him that Elykris had taken it Errol told her it had been nice knowing her, but Marin insisted that the Scorn Baroness would never know she was there and laid out a plan for Errol to use his experience from the Hildian Campaign in the Reef Wars to lead Elykris on a chase while Marin retrieved the Trinity Ghoul. The Awoken mercenary accepted the job, albeit for a high price.[1]

After successfully recovering the Trinity Ghoul, Marin and Errol continued working jobs together, with him growing close enough to her to call her Rin. However, Pirrha, the Rifleman eventually captured Errol and held him hostage for a bet with Marin over her skills with a bow. Marin traveled to the High Plains, where the Rifleman noted his surprise that she showed and challenged her to shoot a can of Ether off of Errol's head from seven hundred meters. Ignoring the Rifleman, Marin contacted Errol and cursed him for a son of a tech witch, causing him to apologize for his capture. Pirrha grew irritated with being ignored and told her to get on with it if she thought she could make the shot. She carefully scanned the nearby cliffs looking for where Pirrha was hiding, noting him in one location that she was sure was actually one of his holographic decoys and not worth risking Errol's life over. She told the Scorn Baron that she could make it and warned him that she expected him to honor their wager and let them walk free once it was over, which Pirrha responded to with laughter. Marin whispered to Pom that they needed to stay hidden no matter what, knowing Pirrha's love of shooting Ghosts, and prepared three arrows. She warned Errol not to talk or breath and he requested she not miss. After she noted that sounded like a good idea, Errol told her she knew what he meant and she reassured him she did.[2]

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