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Errol Mayz
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"No job too tough, if the price is good."
— Errol Mayz

Errol Mayz is a renegade Corsair living in the Tangled Shore. He is an associate of the Guardian Marin Mansanas.


During the Reef Wars, Errol felt that nowhere felt like home after the destruction of Ceres.[1] Despite this, he fought in the Hildian Campaign and was badly scarred during the battles there.[2] At the end of the war, Errol became a renegade mercenary for hire in the Tangled Shore.[1]

Decades after the Reef Wars, Errol was approached by Marin Mansanas for a job. He noted that he had never been hired by a Guardian before, and she told him he still had not since he did not know the job yet. She asked if he had ever heard of the Trinity Ghoul, which Errol identified as belonging to the Tangled Outrider, although he had never met her. Marin revealed that she was the Tangled Outrider and that Elykris, the Machinist had stolen her bow. Fearful of crossing the Machinist, Errol told Marin that it had been nice knowing her, but Marin asked for him to serve as a distraction by leading Elykris on a chase through the Hildians while she snuck into the Scorn Baron's lair and stole the Trinity Ghoul back. Errol considered the job and the fear he felt, which he took as a good sign that he was not lost yet, and then grinned and agreed to the job, so long as the price was right.[2]

They successfully completed the job, and Errol continued working with Marin. However, he was eventually taken captive by Pirrha, the Rifleman, another Scorn Baron. Using him as a hostage, Pirrha tied up Errol in the High Plains and placed a barrel of Ether atop his head before luring Marin there, making a bet that the Guardian could not use the Trinity Ghoul to shoot the barrel off Errol's head from over seven hundred meters without killing him and promising to let them go if she managed to make the shot. Errol apologized to Marin for getting caught, and as she lined up the shot and cautioned him not to move or breathe, Errol asked her not to miss.[3]

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