Jeza Verlayn

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Jeza Verlayn
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"The first time I fired the Cerberus+1 and felt that puppy kick, I knew: plans are overrated."
— Jeza

Jeza "Jeopardy" Verlayn is a Guardian who created the Cerberus+1.


After acquiring a power source known as the Photonic Heart, Jeza began to fly back to Earth. She planned on mocking Marcus Ren for being the one to find the Heart and suggesting she might use it to power her Sparrow. Afterwards she intended to find out how much she could get for it at the Tower bazaar before taking a vacation on Venus to figure out what she wanted to do with it. However, on her way her Jumpship was damaged by an asteroid in the Reef and she crash landed in the Tangled Shore. After being revived by her Ghost, Jeza began to salvage her possessions from the wreckage. Needing a weapon to defend herself she used the remains of four Auto Rifles to create a new weapon powered by the Photonic Heart. Upon using it for the first time Jeza was pleased with her work and was glad that her original plans for the Heart were interrupted.[1]

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