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Tozzi is a member of the City Militia who perished when The Last City fell to the Red Legion.


When The Last City was invaded by the Cabal's Red Legion, Tozzi was one of many militia members to join the Guardians in defending the city. While defending the Peregrine District she was contacted by Eva Levante, who provided her Tower credentials and ordered Tozzi to find out the status of two of her relatives, Valentina and her son Luis, who lived in the district. Tozzi stated that she would sent a unit but that heavy fighting was going on throughout the district, but Eva angrily demanded that she get it done and reminded her of her status in the Tower. After a moment, Tozzi reassured Eva that she would take care of the mission herself. She fought through the district with her unit but discovered that the building where Eva's family lived had been crushed by a Cabal warship that had been shot down by the City's automated defenses. Tozzi was killed before being able to contact Eva with the news, but one of her comrades relayed the information to Eva per her dying commands.[1]

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