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Owome An
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Distributary (Awoken transformation)



We are alien here. We must climb up our worldline, back to the place from which we came.

Owome An was one of the passengers aboard the Yang Liwei who were transformed into the first Awoken during the Collapse.


After the Awoken came back to awareness within the Distributary with their memories of how they arrived there and their past lives clouded, a great council of called to determine what the Awoken should do. Alis Li called for them to look forward and forget the past, claiming they had made a covenant with higher powers to forsake their history for this new life. Owome argued against her, noting that they were alien to the Distributary and that they must return back to their original home. They called for a vote on what to do, but their point of view was defeated and Alis Li was established as the first Queen of the Awoken.[1]

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