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"You wouldn't believe the solar flare I caught the other day. Rode it halfway to Venus."
— Blue Boaz[1]

"Blue" Boaz is a Guardian of the Last City. He is a friend of Marcus Ren and Ariadne Gris and raced alongside them in the Sparrow Racing League.


"Whoa, Boaz, let's not get hasty. I'll make it up to you with some sparrow mods."
"You can't buy me off— Wait, which mods are we talking about here?
— Marcus Ren and Boaz

Boaz was asked by Marcus Ren to help field test his prototype of the Fr0st-EE5. He was extremely impressed by the boots, although he did not care for the name, and told Marcus that it felt like his entire body was supercharged while wearing them. Marcus was pleased with the results of the testing and noted that once he sorted out the kinks the boots would be ready. Boaz became suspicious and asked what kinks there were to fix, and his friend admitted that the boot's energy transfer capacitors had a two-percent chance of exploding. Angry that Marcus did not tell him about the risks of testing the boots, Boaz threatened to report him to Sloane, but accepted a bribe of Sparrow mods to keep quiet about the illegal testing.[2]

Sometime after the Red War, Boaz received a message from Marcus asking to meet. When he found his friend, Marcus handed him a gun and stand in a certain spot. Boaz watched as Marcus put on the St0mp-EE5s and questioned what he was supposed to be doing. Marcus asked him to disintegrate him with the gun if the boots ripped his legs off during the test to prevent the rogue mechasynapses from spreading to the rest of his body. Boaz was horrified at the risks and upset that he would not get Crucible credit for shooting Marcus. His friend offered to let Boaz win their next race and suggested that Ariadne Gris would happily take the deal and shoot him. Boaz agreed to help with the testing and told Marcus he was starting to think he would enjoy shooting him.[3]

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