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"Your old life is over, Redrix. This is different from your birth as an Exo and your rebirth as a Guardian. Now, you are an icon. Let that guide your future."
— Lord Shaxx[1]

Redrix-3 is a Titan who became a popular champion of the Crucible in the aftermath of the Red War.

Redrix's Preferred emblem which used to be obtainable through acquiring Redrix's Claymore.


"How many of these tests are you going to make us take?"
— Redrix, questioning Lord Shaxx

While fighting in the Crucible on a fireteam with Randy, Redrix was forced to jump for cover behind a concrete barrier when Randy alerted the opposing fireteam to their position. He criticized his teammate for the taking a shot at an opponent without killing them and suggested they wait for the rest of their team to catch up before making a move. However, as their teammates were joining them, they and Redrix were dissolved by arc energy as Lord Shaxx came crashing into the middle of them with his Fist of Havoc. As their Ghosts restored them, Redrix, Randy, and the rest of the fireteam gathered in the crater Shaxx had created as the Crucible master gestured for them to gather. Redrix attempted to question Shaxx about his actions, but his voice box had been improperly restored when his Ghost brought him back, causing him to stutter. His Ghost quickly fixed the issue, allowing Redrix to ask how many tests Shaxx was about to make them take. He claimed this would be the only one and requested that Redrix and the others spread the word that the Crucible would now be ranked, and that all of them had just been the first ones seeded.[2]

In the new Crucible ranking system, Redrix quickly climbed the ranks and drew the attention of both Lord Shaxx and Banshee-44, who was crafting a new prototype weapon and was looking for inspiration and someone to wield it. Redrix's skill with a Pulse Rifle inspired the gunsmith, who started receiving more orders for that weapon type due to Redrix's growing fame and skill with them. Informed of Banshee's interest by Shaxx, Redrix was set with a number of tasks to complete in the Crucible to prove to them that there was more to him than just flash and fame. As he set out to complete these tasks Redrix was given encouragement by Arcite 99-40, who told him that Shaxx believed in him, which was a rare thing. Once Redrix finished proving himself to Shaxx and Banshee, he was awarded with a pulse rifle named in his honor. He was congratulated by the Crucible master, but was also informed that he had been reborn in the fires of the Crucible into an icon for the denizens of the Last City and should let that guide his future. Sometime later, Banshee created a second pulse rifle as a follow up to that prototype.[1]

In addition to his fame in the Crucible, Redrix also became a regular participant in Gambit matches and thus became familiar with The Drifter. While escorting a train with a shipment of Tex Mechanica weapons alongside fellow Titan Joxer, they discovered the Drifter attempting to infiltrate the train and steal the weapons. Holding him at gunpoint, Redrix warned Joxer not to let the Drifter charm him. The Gambit overseer explained that he needed the weapons to create the prizes he handed out for gambit and asked to get them. Redrix and Joxer were concerned about what Zavala would think, but the Drifter questioned if the Vanguard really had power over them and offered to double how much their Motes of Darkness were worth in their next Gambit matches.[3] Accepting the bribe, Redrix and Joxer began reassembling the two Redjacks that the Drifter had disabled during his infiltration of the train to cover up his presence. Redrix began having second thoughts about the deal they made with the Drifter and told him to go to hell when he suggested the two Titans needed to take a load off. Warily eying the weapons the Drifter had stolen, Redrix watched as the Drifter sat down and began explaining to them that he had a larger plan in mind with Gambit. Asking them to think about how many Motes of Light they had gathered over their lifetimes, the Drifter pulled out a Mote of Darkness to show them and stated that they could do so much more than those of the Light and suggested that if they stuck with him he could show them what the Dark could really do.[4]

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