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"On me, team; I'm capturing the third point!"
— Randy, upon receiving orders not to[1]

Randy is a Guardian and regular participant in the Crucible and Gambit. Lord Shaxx named one of his specialty weapons, Randy's Throwing Knife, after him.


Randy was found by his Ghost, Dandy, in the Cosmodrome, and guided to the Last City by Shaw Han. Upon arrival, he was soon drawn to the attention of The Guardian as they were showing off their new Gjallarhorn. Randy tried to compare himself to The Guardian and their new toy but grew angry, eventually throwing his Bad Omens over The Guardian's head and off of the Tower. The Guardian shot it out of the sky and destroyed it, before giving Randy the Gjallarhorn, telling him to "Start his legend with this instead."[2]

Later, while participating in a Crucible match alongside Redrix-3, Randy alerted an opposing Guardian to their position when he opened fire on them but failed to kill them. As they took cover and waited for the rest of their team he was berated by Redrix for his poor aim. However, the match came to an abrupt end as Lord Shaxx came crashing down into the middle of the firefight with his Fist of Havoc and killed all of the participating Guardians. As their Ghosts revived them, Shaxx announced that they were to start spreading the word that the Crucible would be ranked from then on and that they had all just been seeded.[3]

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