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"Now listen here, berry blue. What you are looking at in the Guardian's hands is a top-of-the-line wolfpack deployment device."
— Dandy chides Randy for his ignorance about the Gjallarhorn

Dandy was a Ghost who was partnered with a recently resurrected Guardian named Randy.


Dandy discovered Randy in the Cosmodrome of Old Russia and resurrected him as a Lightbearer. With the help of the local Vanguard scout Shaw Han the new duo located a Jumpship and set off for the Tower of The Last City. Dandy's initial repair job on the old jumpship broke down on their way, but they were able to safely land and Dandy patched it up once more. During their flight Dandy told Randy stories about The Guardian and other things about the world. When they landed at the Tower, the Guardian just happened to be there as well with a large crowd admiring their recently acquired Gjallarhorn. When Randy showed off his Bad Omens and claimed the Guardian's Rocket Launcher was not that big of a deal, Dandy called him out on his rookie status and explained the significance and power of the Gjallarhorn. Their Guardian weakly protested that they could attach a tracking module to the Bad Omens, causing Dandy to chuckle at them.[1]

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