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Devna Tel
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"This is a statue of Queen Devna Tel, ruler of the Distributary, last of her name. She held the throne when the Sky and the Deep came to the Awoken to collect their terms. She chose to stay, and Mara chose to go."
Shuro Chi

Queen Devna Tel was the ruler of the Awoken in the Distributary when Mara Sov led a portion of the population out of the pocket dimension and back into the Sol System.


Tel was chosen by Mara Sov as the successor to Queen Nguya Pin, who abdicated the throne after tiring of being Mara's puppet. She was selected by Mara as a check against the weakened Gensym Scribes, as Tel had never been a member of the order.[1] Despite owing her position to Mara's manipulations, Tel opposed her plans to lead any who volunteered out of the Distributary and back into the regular universe, viewing such an action as a sundering of millions of years of Awoken civilization and a death sentence for those who left.[2]

Despite Tel's opposition to Mara's plans, the Queen was still honored in the Dreaming City and had a statue built of her, flanked by her Techeun advisors Imar and Yara.[3]

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