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"Savin. Yes, I think I call myself Savin. Let's go, Yourghost."
— Savin

Savin, born as Chao Mu, was a resident of the Reef who left the safety of the Awoken homeland to help Earth but died in the Gobi Desert. Upon being resurrected by his Ghost, whom he named Yourghost, Savin was captured by Prince Uldren Sov and brought before Queen Mara Sov for study.


Life as an Awoken[edit]

Chao Mu married several Awoken women and had one child. He was gifted with technology, and capable of insulating highly sensitive detectors from most types of radiation. Despite his family and important work in the Reef, Chao found himself drawn to the Earth and hated watching as it fell further into ruin. Upon learning that a climate control system was failing in the Gobi Desert, which had once been one of Earth's breadbaskets, he decided to leave the Reef and attempt to repair it to spare the Earth further degradation, although he knew that he would never be allowed to return.[1] While attempting to repair the system in an isolated meteorological station, Chao was attacked by a Fallen Vandal. During their struggle, Chao and the Vandal were crushed by a refrigerator and perished.[2]

Reborn in the Light[edit]

An unknown period later, Chao was resurrected by a Ghost. Using his newfound strength in the Light, he managed to lift the Vandal's body and the refrigerator off himself. He questions the machine on what it is and who he is, and the Ghost identifies itself as "your ghost" and explains that he is a Guardian of humanity, reborn in the Light of the Traveler before asking his name. After contemplating, he declares his name is Savin and tells his Ghost they should go.[2] Less than a day later, Savin was ambushed by Prince Uldren Sov of the Reef. During their battle, Savin was slain twice but resurrected by Yourghost before being captured.[1]

Uldren brought Savin to the Reef, where he was given an audience with Queen Mara Sov. Uldren shoved Savin and demanded he bow before Mara. After a moment, Savin complied and introduced himself. The Queen questioned if he remembered his wives and children from his previous life and to whom he owed his loyalty. Savin answered that Yourghost had told him he served the Traveler as a Guardian of humanity and brought out his Ghost, who told the Queen that holding them captive could make the Awoken an enemy of the Last City. However, they would be glad to help forge an alliance between the two peoples. The Queen questioned if Savin's Ghost spoke for him, and he declared that it did not and summoned a ball of Void energy as a demonstration of his power. Savin answered one last question from Mara, stating that he hoped he was intrinsically good.[1]

Although not allowed to leave the Reef, Savin was allowed to explore his former home, although the Techeuns repeatedly examined him. His task-oriented nature and gift with technology made him useful in performing dangerous tasks not suited for mortals, but he quickly grew bored. Experimenting with his abilities, Savin frequently ended up dead and requiring resurrection from his Ghost while seeking to make his Light grenades recharge quicker or discover new ways to channel the Light into Super attacks. Savin eventually began hurling himself from the Reef into space, which resulted in multiple deaths, although he treated it as little more than an inconvenience. Eventually, his association with the Reef and Queen Mara ended under unknown circumstances.[1]

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