Gravetide Ogre

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Gravetide Ogre
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Savathûn's Hive





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Void Eye Blast
High Durability
Ground Slam


The Gravetide Ogre was a powerful Hive Ogre that appeared in any of Titan's Lost Sectors with the Gravetide Summoner, resulting from a WANTED bounty from The Spider. However the Gravetide Ogre was sunset along with Titan with the release of Beyond Light

The Gravetide Ogre was revived by the Gravetide Summoner to protect her and her coven. It had to be killed to remove the immunity shield on the Summoner.


The Gravetide Ogre would've only spawned after killing the Wizards next to the Gravetide Summoner. It would continuously fire high damaging eye blasts at the player. The player would've needed to damage the Gravetide Ogre while also clearing the adds, consisting of Arc shielded Knights and Thrall along with their cursed varients. Occasionally, the player would earn a buff in which they can harm the boss with more damage. When the Gravetide Ogre reacehd a third of its health, the Gravetide Summoner would attack the player herself. When the Ogre is killed, the Wizard would be vulnerable to attacks and destroyed.

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