Hive-Ammonite war

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Hive-Ecumene war

Hive-Ammonite war


  • Fundament
  • Fundament's fifty two moons
  • Large ice moon
  • Dry moon


  • The Ammonites are rendered extinct
  • Chroma-Admiral Rafriit is slain, and his corpse used as a temple by Xivu Arath
  • The Leviathan is slain, while attempting to flee Fundament, and its corpse is fed to the Worm Gods
  • Auryx, after being betrayed and killed by Savathûn, first discovers his Throne World, located within the previously unknown Ascendant Realm

The Ammonites

The Hive

  • Ammonite soldiers
  • Ammonite warships
  • Hive warriors
  • Hive warships
  • All military assets; soldiers, and warships
  • Unknown
Civilian casualties



"Good news. The fifty-two moons of Fundament host a starfaring civilization far more sophisticated than anything you've encountered so far. Taox's ship fled towards the large ice moon, where a species of bony six-armed cephalopods keeps their icy capital. Savathûn's named them the Ammonite."
— The Worms