Hive-Ecumene war

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Hive-Ammonite War


Golden Amputation

Hive-Ecumene war



  • The Ecumene is annihilated to the point that almost all member species are driven extinct, and the survivors flee into the intergalactic void
  • The Hive, for the first time, are driven close to extinction by the Ecumene
  • Akka, the Worm of Secrets is killed by Auryx who becomes Oryx, the Taken King, and obtains the power to Take
  • The very first Taken are created from Ecumene military forces
  • Taox flees from the galaxy and the Hive lose track of her

The Ecumene

The Hive

  • Ecumene Crisis Council
  • Taox
  • Ecumene Status Army
  • Almost all client species of the Ecumene; along with almost all military assets once possessed
  • Potentially millions, maybe billions of Hive
Civilian casualties

Potentially trillions of Ecumene non-combatants


"As of Radial 990 groove 0 the Hive has launched a staggering counterattack across the spinward frontier. Perimeter, militia, and shock fleets report total casualties. We anticipate total Ecumene disintegration/extinction within two hundred twenty years."
Ecumene Crisis Council

The Hive-Ecumene war was one of hundreds of ancient conflicts between the Hive and other species of the galaxy.

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