At The Gates

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At The Gates


The Taken King

Quest giver:

Variks, the Loyal

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How to unlock[edit]

It is obtained from Variks, the Loyal

Quest Steps[edit]

  • Dreadfang
  • House of Judgement reputation
  • Experience
Quest Step Name Quote Objectives Rewards
1 Pretender to the Throne
"Oryx dead, but Taken remain. No one voice controls them. Have heard of one who hungers for power. Want to seize control himself. Investigate, yes?"
Variks, the Loyal
Complete the mission ”Pretender to the Throne” on the Dreadnaught.
2 They Can Run
"Malok fled, but he cannot escape. Find echoes. Use them to track him."
Variks, the Loyal
Kill Taken anywhere and find clues to where Malok is hiding.
3 Talk to Eris
"Go to Eris and ask her to listen to the Echos. She is wise in ways of the Hive, and Malok was born of Hive. Eris will find him."
Variks, the Loyal
Take the Echoes of Malok to Eris Morn in the Tower
4 Blighted Chalice

"Let Variks have his schemes and plots. I have seen the truth. The only way to stop the Taken is to destroy them. Malok must die."
Eris Morn
Defeat Malok in the “Blighted Chalice” Strike on the Moon
5 Return to Variks
"Malok had the power to spark a Taken resurgence, one that would we would have been hard pressed to stop. Tell Variks is dead. And tell him I have no patience for his schemes"
Eris Morn
Talk to Variks, the Loyal in the Reef