Shipyard AWO/23

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Shipyard AWO/23
Shipyard AWO.jpg


Tangled Shore, Reef

Enemy Factions:

House of Dusk

Connecting Areas:

Jetsam of Saturn

Area Type:


Public Events:


Patrol Beacons:


"That old shipyard was mine when the Reef fell. Perhaps a trusted friend might offer me a gift..."
The Spider

Shipyard AWO-23 is a Lost Sector in the Tangled Shore in the Reef. Once a shipyard owned by The Spider, it was taken from him by the Fallen House of Dusk when the Reef fell into chaos during the aftermath of the Taken War. The shipyard now serves as the lair of the Servitor, Zetix-7.[1]


  • The ship here is a standard Ceres Galliot.
  • There is a SIVA Symbol painted by the Fallen onto the large tank in the sector.
    • Therefore its possible there's a SIVA stash inside the stockyard and the Devil Splicers may have had dealings in the Reef.

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