The Plunge, Dive Tank

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The Plunge, Dive Tank



Connecting areas:

Salvage Rig
Mesopelagic Twilight
H.E.L.M. (portal)


Deep Dive


The The Plunge, Dive Tank is a submerged structure beneath the New Pacific Arcology's Salvage Rig on Titan.


The Plunge was occupied by Deputy Commander Sloane as she waited for someone to respond to her distress signal after the return of Titan. Once The Guardian, Drifter and Zavala arrived, she showed them her Taken infection, as well as her newfound ally, the proto-Worm Ahsa.

Over the following weeks, the Plunge would become the starting area for Fireteams to dive under the Arcology and recover patches of Egregore coral. These would be used to stengthen the connection between Sloane and Ahsa at the Dive Tank, allowing the latter to communicate with the Vanguard through words.

After several weeks of activity, Ahsa would fall in hybernation from the strain, and rest outside the tank.

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