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"...three words, nine word bursts over and over..."
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This article is about the Titan creature. For other uses, see Leviathan.
The Leviathan
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The Leviathan is an enormous serpentine creature living in the methane oceans of Titan. Records of its existence date back to the Golden Age, as its presence registered on subsurface scanning equipment. It can be seen through the windows surrounding the New Pacific Arcology's CPU core in the Festering Halls during the missions Utopia and Ace in The Hole. The Ghost mentions that the arcology's sensors can detect a large object moving under The Rig, and although the sensors can't determine what it is, this is likely the same creature. Guardians have also observed serpentine, finned creatures breaching the surface of Titan's oceans, which are likely the Leviathan or other life-forms native to Titan.


  • There is an ongoing debate about this sighting. Some claim that the players are mistaking parts of the Arcology's support rigging for a sea monster, much like how in Destiny players thought Batadactyls on Venus were Ahamkara. However, the images about the three "wheels" were taken below the ocean level, an area where the player is not normally supposed to access. This means that the wheels could be a smart solution the 3D artists used to render the monster scaled back while moving from left to right and from above to below the water level, giving a good impression of a sea serpent, supporting the idea of a real living gigantic creature under Titan's ocean.
  • If the player were to stand close to Sloane in Siren's Watch, they could hear her mention something below the waves and that it wasn't their imagination.
  • There is a scannable, golden-age terminal on the rig. According to the player's ghost, it was used to scan underwater vessels wanting to dock at the rig. The ghost further explains that the terminal still worked and was picking up something below them of incredible size.
  • Due to the drastic differences in appearance between the "dragon-like" creature that can be seen at Siren's Watch and the "Worm" creature seen during "Utopia" and "Savathûn's Song," it can be assumed that Titan harbors two or even more sea monsters.
  • In Season of Arrivals there is a voice-line where The Drifter makes reference to "the long boy in the soup" when speaking to Eris Morn, it can be assumed he is talking about the sea monster on Titan.
  • Due to their similarities in appearance, as well as the Hive infestation, it is possible that the Leviathan is an enlarged Hive worm.

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