Threshold Sentinel

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Threshold Sentinel
Phase 1
Phase 2
Biographical information


The Dread






Salvation's Edge

Combat information


VoidS.png Tormentor Scythe


VoidS.png Null Paroxysm
VoidS.png Suppression
VoidS.png Abyssal Cleave
High Durability
Rapid Movement
VoidS.png Dark Harvest
Lock Down Conductors
Lock Down Plates
Bestow Stolen Favor (Repository only)


Threshold Sentinels are Ultra Tormentors seen throughout The Witness's Monolith and are charged with protecting it's inner workings and keeping intruders from ascending further up. They are essential to the Substratum and Repository encounters in the Salvation's Edge Raid.


Threshold Sentinels make two appearances throughout the Salvation's Edge raid and their elimination is essential to both encounters. In Substratum, when the teams eliminate enough Sol Divisive forces and their Keepers of the Monolith, a Threshold Sentinel will spawn in middle, and will start to lock the doors connecting the outside rooms to the middle. When this boss unit spawns, all fireteam members are advised to rush to middle as soon as possible and eliminate the Tormentor. Once eliminated, the team must run the gauntlet again and summon yet another Threshold Sentinel. While these units seem to merely be annoying hinderance adds at first, they are essential to completing the encounter. Each time a Threshold Sentinel is eliminated, a charge plate and a conductor obelisk will unlock somewhere in the connecting rooms. Thus, two Threshold Sentinels must be eliminated if the team wishes to charge those conductors, gather resonances and set the resin within to further progress through the Monolith.

The Threshold Sentinels make yet another appearance in the Repository, where the Guardians have to deal with not just 1, not 2 but three of the Ultra Tormentors. Initially, players will note that the Tormentors will spawn on one side of the room and tends to wander around that side. This indicates the plate and conductor obelisk the Tormentor is locking down; thus they have to be eliminated with all haste. Additionally, however, the last person to land a killing blow on the Tormentor will receive the Stolen Favor buff all too similar to the previous encounter against the Herald of Finality. Much like that encounter, these players must use this buff to see the correct shaped resonance for their conductor obelisk so to both charge it and avoid an incorrect input and, thus, a wipe.