Psion (Psisorium)

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"...three words, nine word bursts over and over..."
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Psion (Psisorium)
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Operator of the Psisorium in the H.E.L.M.


The Psion[1] was an unnanmed Psion Optus of the Imperial Cabal featured in Season of the Risen. Their real name is a series of abstract concepts, described as "a scattering of orange cubes, a spiraling helix of inky fins, and the sensation of biting through an unripe fruit" by Mithrax, Kell of Light.[2]


Prior to their operations with the Vanguard, the Psion was known as a close friend to Empress Caiatl.

Following an incident on Mars where Guardians attacked Imperial forces during operations against the Lucent Brood of the Hive, the Vanguard informed Empress Caiatl that these Hive had gained the powers of the Light. What followed was the establishment of the joint Operation Elbrus to combat the threat, and the Psion was sent to the Last City to assist. Their role in the operation was the psionic interrogation of captured Hive Lieutenants brought to the purpose-built Psisorium in the H.E.L.M.. This drew the ire of the Crow, who believed that, though they were still Hive, the psionic interrogation techniques were unethical. The Psions' efforts led to the successful repelling of a Lucent Hive takeover of the Scarlet Keep, but they, along with the Hive Lieutenants being interrogated, were accidentally killed when Crow attempted to shut down and remove the Psion from the Psisorium.[3] This angered Caiatl, who, per Cabal tradition, demanded that Crow be killed to repay the life debt owed by the Psions' death. Saladin Forge intervened to save Crow, offering his own life and thereby becoming a member of Caiatl's War Council.