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Chen Lanshu
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"Imagine something going wrong. Imagine this road choked with corpses. Imagine the security team gunning down refugees as they try to force their way onto the ships. Imagine cars from here to the horizon—"
— General Chen Lanshu

General Chen Lanshu was a leading figure in the Exodus Program and was stationed at the Cosmodrome near the end of the Golden Age.


When General Chen was around sixty or seventy years old, she used her rank to visit the Never-Be installation in Taipei. Viewing the fresco at the facility caused her to feel a sense of dread about a threat she could not put a name to. Decades later, she felt that same dread when told about the vision machine being worked on by a group of scientists in Lhasa.[1]

One year after being briefed about the vision machine, Chen oversaw the launch of SABER GREEN, a doomsday weapon designed by the Warmind Rasputin, into orbit. She masked herself to hide her identity due to her concerns about security and the number of weapon launches that Rasputin had been ordering. Chen also spoke with an AI aboard one of the colony ships who called Rasputin "the Tyrant", which Chen thought was a mixture of fear and respect. The day after the launch, Chen donned her glider and flew over the Cosmodrome to ponder about the Warmind's actions. As she glided past one of the colony ships, Malahayati informed her she was making Rasputin nervous, which amused Chen. She told Malahayati that Rasputin could voice his concerns in person, but the submind told her that the Warmind had become very private lately. Chen responded that the AI could sulk then if it would not speak with her and continued her flight over the Cosmodrome. Malahayati questioned why she was doing this and hid her identity at the launch, but Chen suspected that her aide knew exactly why she was out on her glider and why she had masked herself the previous day. Chen asked Malahayati to imagine that everything went wrong, and that refugees desperately trying to get onto the colony ships had to be gunned down by security forces. The submind asked if she was expecting violence or something beyond their ability to control, and Chen noted that was what soldiers did, and why they had made things like her. She then thought to herself what would have happened had the Traveler not been friendly, and knew that Rasputin had asked the same question and found an answer.[1]

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