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Destiny Tidbits
Favorite Destiny MomentWhen I got my first Exotic, The SUROS Regime.
Worst Destiny MomentPlaying Crucible
Anything ElseMeh, No
Other Information
MoviesI prefer gaming.
TVI never watch it.
MusicSuper Hexagon - Focus
BooksI don't know, there's so many!
Video gamesDestiny of course!
Magazinesi hate any magazines apart from MAD.
DrinksMtn Dew
Edits 40
Personal Information
LocationNew Zealand
HometownNew Zealand
OccupationI am a Dreg, have i not told you like, a billion times?
Places I have livedYou don't need to know that, mind your own beeswax.
SchoolsI went to the university of the eleksni
About meHi. I am some random Dreg that you might know. I make edits to this wiki as a job. Goodbye.
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Ironic that a dreg is ranked as a vandal.