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Basic information

New York


New York


June 19th


Local Couch Potato, Burrito Contest Eating Champion (not really)


Don't have one.

Places I've lived

New York, NY (The only place I probably will ever live, aside from an Australian desert with a pack of dingos)


P.S. 191 (what was this place again?); Mott Hall II (the most questionable part of my school days...); Manhattan Hunter Science High School (much better); Hunter College (still a high school student here); John Jay College of Criminal Justice (here's where I actually start my college career)

About me

My life has no meaning. Neither does yours. Ever wonder why? It's because life itself has no meaning.

Xbox gamertag
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Personal information

The Princess Bride, Star Wars, Infinity War, The Godfather Parts 1 and 2, Harry Potter


I don't watch TV when I have YouTube.


Destiny OST, Foo Fighters, The Beatles, Phish, Led Zeppelin, Metallica


I don't read.

Video games

Team Fortress 2, Destiny (of course), Destiny 2 (again, of course), Killing Floor, Killing Floor 2, Garry's Mod, Goat Simulator, Trove, Warframe, Alan Wake, Quantum Break, The Simpsons: Hit and Run


Still don't read.


Anything that's in the fridge, but I'm not afraid to supplement my diet with some fresh meat. Oh look, a burrito!


Water, Milk

Destiny tidbits
Favorite Destiny moment

Forsaken is basically Destiny 2, but it's actually good.

Worst Destiny moment


Anything else

Machine guns are back, boi!

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Yes, officer. this unfunny excuse for Vandal (special:Contributions/ right here.


Hey Primus, would it be ok if I uploaded my avatar to Destinypedia for my wiki page or is that not allowed?


Since Unscathed possibly didn’t heard my message, you are the one to create the House of Dusk Fan Fiction, I was wondering if I can add a bit of own part of the Dusk fan fiction, that is related to the House of Dusk lore, but still stay true to The House of Dusk Fan Fiction, details will be explained, if you accept this message.


Hello. Sorry if I distracted you from anything but I like to ask for your help in making a faction


I would, but I just set up my account yesterday. Besides, there's the old version if you want.


Please, don't undo a fanfiction that I made. :)


Why'd you remove my details? I left the old one alone.


Name of the page is nightmare and not Phanstasm please change the name


I see your making a House of Light fan fiction, since your making this fan fic, how about you also add a ketch for Mithrax and the House, called: Lightship Fulkris-Fel, since most Houses has a Flagship Ketch.