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"...three words, nine word bursts over and over..."
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Shade also known as Echo, is a paracausal imitation or apparitions created by using Darkness.



In Broodhold Strike, In Anânh will reach out to Ur, the Ever-Hunger and create a Shade of herself with Void-based abilities.


By using the power of the Darkness, Oryx, the Taken King is able to create a Taken projection of himself in the form of the Echo of Oryx. These Echoes allow him to enact his will remotely where he can summon and command Taken troops. Oryx's power in an area fades once an Echo is vanquished and any Taken he summoned are recalled.

Other Taken can also create artificial projections in the form of shadows, which are shadowy imitations of lesser enemies such as Shadow Thralls and Shadowbeasts.

Counterfeit Taken[edit]

Counterfeit Taken are the Taken enemies that appear in The Reckoning, Gambit Prime, and the Prophecy Dungeon are not actual Taken. Instead of being living creatures corrupted by Darkness, they are artificial constructs of dark matter, created from the Nine Realms and its engine of pue potential, as the Nine themselves are sentient beings of dark matter. Vanguard intelligence notes that these counterfeit Taken have low counts of sterile neutrinos, typically associated with Taken, but instead have high ambient cold dark matter. This is the reason many Taken forces encountered in Nine space are all-powerful echoes in imitation of Oryx and his son, in addition to a Cabal Phalanx and a Fallen Kell.

In addition, the Drifter learned to create his own counterfeit "Primeval-like" Taken from the Nine's use of pure potential; utilizing the dark matter of the Haul and through sheer force of will. One example of this is the Likeness of Oryx as it was the scariest Hive he could think of.[1]



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