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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Naeem was a Warlord who had left her bloodstained path in Old Russia to start anew. Discovering the location of the Ahamkara Hefnd's remains from Lord Shaxx, she befriends the Ahamkara and uses his power to grant wishes to villages in the European Dead Zone. However, she is killed by the House of Kings after they attack her fortress. In her final breath, she makes a wish that her vengeance follows them into the grave. This wish would be fulfilled decades later when Hefnd would raise the dead House of Kings members as Scorn.


Originally a Warlord from Old Russia, Naeem would ruthlessly slaughter and use her power for selfish reasons to survive. However, over time, she comes to realize the error of her ways and decides to leave Old Russia to begin a new path. One day, she would drink with her fellow Warlord Shaxx who would tell her of an Ahamkara known as Hefnd that he had slain during the Great Ahamkara Hunt and had placed its remains within Windswept Crag.[1]

Seeking to make amends for the crimes she had committed during her time in Old Russia, Naeem makes the choice to travel to Windswept Crag to uncover the remains of Hefnd, desiring to use his power to grant wishes to villages in the EDZ Following his whispers, Naeem finally arrived at the fortress and discovers Hefnd's skull. She places her hand on his skull and wishes for his kindness. Hefnd cackles at her, stating that there was little kindness left and asking her if she truly wished it due to the consequences. Naeem admits that she had used her power poorly like him in order to survive, understanding that was the reason both Ahamkara and Warlords were hunted. Slowly stepping forward, she asks Hefnd if he wouldn't rather be loved than feared, causing him to think quietly in consideration. Naeem reveals to the Ahamkara that she knows Shaxx and that she is aware that he respects his determination. Continuing her attempt to persuade Hefnd, the Warlord asks him to grant his power to her so they can grant wishes to villagers and so they can both make amends for what they have done. Hefnd responds by stating that charity does not saturate his hunger. Understanding the consequences, Naeem declares that she would take the debts of those wishes. Hefnd accepts and thus her wish is granted.[2]

Claiming the mountain of Windswept Crag as her own, Naeem uses Hefnd's power to grant wishes to villages in the European Dead Zone while suffering the costs.[3] Overtime her and Hefnd come to form a close friendship over time. However, this prosperity does not last as the House of Kings learns of her notoriety and storms the castle. Unfortunately, Naeem is unable to fend off the House of Kings and is slain. With her final breath, she wishes "her vengeance follow them into the grave" before perishing.[4]


With Naeem's demise, Hefnd would wait decades for an opportunity to enact her dying wish of vengeance. Due to the Witness's entry into Pale Heart and Xivu Arath's banishment from her throne world, many Taken had now become purposeless with the absence of a commanding Will.[5] Luring the Taken to the fortress, Hefnd uses their corruption to raise the dead House of Kings members as Scorn.[6]

Discovering about the Dark Ether trail, Crow and Petra Venj send a fireteam led by the Guardian to the castle to investigate. Arriving at the castle, the Guardians slay the hordes of Taken and Scorn, before defeating the Chimera serving as Hefnd's avatar. Traversing through the castle, the Guardians eventually learn of the story of Naeem and Hefnd. Over time, as the Guardians succeed in reuniting Hefnd's bones and defeating the Scorn within the castle, Naeem's wish is finally completed. Hefnd is finally being able to rest in peace knowing that he will see her again.