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The Turret is a special “vehicle” only encountered on the Bastion and First Light Crucible maps in PVP, specifically in the Combined Arms playlist. It is also used very briefly in the first part of the House of Wolves quest The Archon-Slayer, and in some cases appears in either Heroic or Nightfall versions of the Dust Palace strike and Winter's Run strike.

Armed with twin rapid-fire rotary machine guns and protected by a frontal energy screen, the Turret is a powerful anti-vehicle weapon.

Turrets wreck other vehicles, and while they are vulnerable to the Interceptor’s rocket fire (or the usual anti-vehicle tools), they can destroy Sparrows, Pikes, and Interceptors extremely quickly. The turret’s machine guns overheat if fired continuously for too long. Ideally, Turrets should be fired in bursts, or the player can expect a lengthy delay while the barrels cool off. A small energy screen protects the turret’s operator. The turret’s screen can be destroyed, but it regenerates after fifteen seconds or so.[1]

A Turret is available in the beginning of The Archon-Slayer, in two areas of the Dust Palace (strike), and Winter's Run strike by the Ketch. These are the only times a Turret is usable outside the Crucible.


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