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"Begone, wolves. These people are mine."
— Segoth

Lord Segoth was a tyrannical Warlord during the Dark Age who fought the Iron Lords.[1]


Upon learning that the Iron Lords Radegast, Saladin Forge, and Perun were defending a village within Segoth's domain from his forces, Segoth rode with eight of his men on Pikes to confront them. Upon arriving at a narrow pass leading the village, the Iron Lords halted his advance. Segoth derogatorily called them "Iron Wolves" and demanded they leave his village and claimed the people as his. Radegast countered that Segoth abused the power gifted to them by the Traveler. Segoth simply smiled and shrugged in response, which signaled his men to open fire. However, the Iron Lords formed a shield wall and cut down Segoth and his men repeatedly as they resurrected. As his Ghost brought him back the first time, Segoth roared in fury and shot Radegast in the head, but the Iron Lord quickly revived. Unable to break their wall, Segoth ordered his men to retreat as the village cheered. As he fled Segoth swore that he would slaughter everyone who ever aided the Iron Lords, which prompted Perun to shoot him again.[1]

Eventually Segoth was killed by the Iron Lords, which disconcerted Lord Gheleon, who felt they should fight the Darkness instead of other Risen.[2]


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