Arcadia-Class Jumpship

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"Arcadians were the most common jumpships during the Golden Age, used for both terrestrial and planetary excursions. Their remains have been reported around most Earth-based space ports."
— Ship description
The Arcadia-class jumpship.

The Arcadia-class Jumpship is the first ship obtained by new Guardians.[1] It is a standard model of the Arcadia class of Jumpships.

The ship is first retrieved by the Guardian shortly after their first resurrection in the mission A Guardian Rises, found in Dock 13 in the Cosmodrome. It requires an NLS Drive, found in the Story mission Restoration, to breach the atmosphere.

It is also in Destiny 2 as part of the New Light Quest. In the quest, it is detailed to be the Guardian Maeve's jumpship.


Arcadian ships are a relic of the Golden Age. Their hulls and baseline tech have been salvaged for scrap for decades. With the right modifications, any ship capable of reaching post-atmospheric standards is worth repairing, and for many, the Arcadia ships often offer a Guardian their chance to step into the black.

Craft Specs[edit]

  • Average Length: 20.3 Meters
  • Wingspan: 16.6 Meters
  • Average Weight: 19.8 Tons
  • Maximum Range: 37 Astronomical Units
  • Engines: Variable (refurbishment dependant)


  • Firming Brackets - Top-Centre
  • Booster Cowling - Rear-Engines



  • In the "Arms and Armament" booklet included in the collector's edition of Destiny two pages detail various modifications and specifics for the Arcadia-Class.
    • One of the pages houses a hidden emblem code for the original Destiny.
  • In the Cosmodrome Bungie Ridealong Livestream, the Lead World Artist Rob Adams states that the ship The Guardian finds after being revived for the first time belonged to a Guardian who was stranded in the Cosmodrome.
    • This is not referenced in-game, however, the surroundings indicate that someone tried to repair the ship long ago.

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