The Nexus/Walkthrough

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It is highly recommended to bring a Void-based weapon as there are a large number of very aggressive Minotaurs in the later parts of the Strike. Killing them quickly will be the key to staying alive.

N/GEN Branch[edit]

Objective: Kill the three Servitors

Players begin in the Ishtar Commons, with a group of Vex and Fallen fighting each other. These can be ignored; walk right past the two Hobgoblins further into the academy right into the N/GEN Branch. This area is the first Darkness Zone. The fireteam's objective is to kill three Servitors, which are found in different areas in the room and guarded by multiple Fallen. Note: two of the Servitors spawn simultaneously, with Captains guarding them along with the usual Fallen.

It is recommended to kill the Fallen quickly if the Servitors are still alive, as Servitors will heal any nearby Fallen. After all three are killed, players must climb up the staircase, where they will meet multiple Vandals armed with Shock Swords. Defeat them and continue into the next area.

Dig Site 4[edit]

The first Vex enemies will start to appear, with a handful of more Fallen. Enemy composition is fairly light until a large clearing with Vex ruins where a few Hobgoblins and two Minotaurs can be found. Proceed further into the ruins to enter the caves where The Nexus is found. A small swarm of Goblins will appear, but can be dispatched quickly enough.

The Nexus[edit]

Boss: Sekrion, Nexus Mind

At the end of the caves is a large room with a very steep drop. Drop down (taking care to cushion your fall) and kill the many Minotaurs patrolling the room (it's recommended to engage only one at a time). If a player chooses not to drop down, be aware of a Minotaur that spawns every so often.

Killing all the Minotaurs will bring down Sekrion; it will hover in the center of the room with a shield rotating around it. Because its projectile attack is quite powerful, players need to find refuge around the outskirts of the room, where there is sufficient cover. Every so often Vex reinforcements will teleport in; it is important to be aware of them, as they can include Minotaurs and Hobgoblins and easily kill any players already being harassed by Sekrion's attacks.

Sekrion's weak point is its yellow glowing eye, which is only exposed if it is facing the player and its shield isn't blocking it. This can be difficult for players as it requires both timing and willingness to be exposed to its fire. Coordinating good fire angles so that the head can be hit from other angles will help bring down Sekrion more quickly.


  • There is a broken pillar in the middle that can be jumped upon, either from the initial dropdown or with double- or triple-jump buff. This can be used to draw Sekrion's fire and allow other players to attack its rear. Or, alternatively, wait until it is focused on others then attack. To get the maximum damage it is recommended to use a Rocket launcher and aim for where Sekrion's eye is roughly located.
  • There is a large wall behind the dropdown which can be used to defend against Sekrion's attacks. Here, the Vex reinforcements can be a bit of a problem, but with teamwork players can clear the area quickly and resume the fight with the Nexus Mind.
  • If a player remains on the cliff instead of jumping down they can use this position for maximum damage as Sekrion usually does not focus on them; be advised that the surrounding architecture can get in the way, so patience is required. However, a Minotaur spawns every so often to harass the player; a Void-based shotgun can deal with it effectively. It can be farmed for ammo.