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Restoration is the first mission that a player completes after doing the initial tutorial. Your job is to head back to the Cosmodrome and fetch a warp drive to fit to your ship so you're able to visit planets beyond the Earth. Your ship lands in the Steppes, where the patrol starts and head over to the crashed ship on the other side of the field. Once you arrive, you'll be able to summon your Ghost and move on to the next step. Your next task will be to go to Dock 13, which is inside of a building on your left if you turn around, facing away from the ship. There should be an arrow pointing you towards the direction you need to go in on the top left of your screen. Once you arrive at Dock 13, there should be some enemies you need to kill, as well as Riksis, Devil Archon. Upon his death, an item drop will fall to the ground, the warp drive. Once you pick it up and have killed all enemies the mission will end, returning you to orbit in 30 seconds