The Summoning Pits/Walkthrough

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Players begin in the public space outside the Hellmouth. Entering the area is not terribly difficult as it is lightly guarded. Leveled enemies will first start appearing in the room past the three Knights, but the first Darkness Zone will not appear until the room afterward.

Open the Gate[edit]

Objective: Decrypt the lock while defending against three enemy waves.

Ghost will start decrypting the lock on the gate. Three waves of enemies will attack the fireteam; the first wave will consist of Thralls with a few Cursed Thralls mixed in, followed by Knights armed with Boomers. The second wave consists of Acolytes followed by three Wizards and Knights armed with Swords. Wave three will have all enemy types as before, plus the Wizard Mormu, Xol Spawn. Once all enemies are defeated, the door will open.

Circle of Bones[edit]

Continue further into the Gatehouse. Enemy resistance is comparatively light, though in the next room be aware that there is a single Ogre guarding the exit with a few Cursed Thralls and one Hallowed Knight nearby as well. The next area, the Circle of Bones, has enemies that can be largely avoided (including two waves of reinforcements that arrive by Tombship near the balcony). There are however two Hallowed Knights blocking the entrance to the final room, which should be dispatched.

The Summoning Pits[edit]

Boss: Phogoth, the Untamed

The final room contains Phogoth, who is initially chained up. The room also has multiple balconies with enemies on them, including Knights and Acolytes armed with Boomers. Players should take advantage of the situation and take out the Boomer-equipped enemies before engaging Phogoth, as he will not attack until he breaks free which will only happen if he is damaged. Players can hang back in the initial doorway, though a Shrieker will periodically spawn in that room, and Thralls and Knights will try to swarm them. The narrow doorway also makes it difficult to hit Phogoth without being exposed to its Eye Beam attack. The sides offer more protection than the entryway, though in a pinch Guardians can hide behind the narrow columns on the entryway balcony.

Inside the room itself, Phogoth is partially penned in by large walls, three on either side. So long as players keep the walls between Phogoth and themselves, they are relatively safe from its Eye Beam attack. Stronger Light-level players can utilize the balconies on these walls to get a better angle on Phogoth or distract it to allow weaker players to deal more damage; be advised that its Eye Beams will target them, so this tactic should be used with caution. Many waves of Hive reinforcements will appear periodically to assist Phogoth, either from doorways on the second-floor balconies or by Tombship. Players should stay alert for these reinforcements as they typically include Cursed Thralls, Sword Knights, and Wizards, and can easily overwhelm distracted players.

Eventually, if players defeat all waves of enemies, no more will spawn, allowing them to focus on Phogoth. Its weak spot is a large bulge on its chest rather than its head like on most other Ogres. Killing Phogoth will destroy any remaining enemies.