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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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The Emissary
Nasya Sarwar
Nasan Ar


Distributary (as an Awoken)
Earth (as a Guardian)


Human (formerly)



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Pilgrim Guard (formerly)
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Titan (Sunbreaker)

"I need to know what you found out there."
— Orin[1]

Orin the Lost, born Nasya Sarwar as a Human and Nasan Ar as a Awoken, is a Titan Sunbreaker who once served in the Pilgrim Guard and was a friend of Queen Mara Sov before she went searching for The Nine sometime after the Red War.[2] Her encounter with the Nine transformed her into the Emissary, and she now watches over the Trials of the Nine and serves as their liason Queen Mara and The Drifter.


Life as a Human[edit]

Like all of the original Awoken, Orin was originally a Human aboard the Yang Liwei known as Nasya Sarwar. Having won and lottery to board an Exodus vessel, she took her few possessions, among them a silver jar containing her mother's ashes, and left Earth. Naysa worked aboard the ship as a Scopare, a member of the janitorial group. Starting small, she worked with the hope of receiving a promotion, using her multilingualism to make friends. As with all passengers of the ship, she was pulled into the singularity formed between the clash between Light and Darkness, and transformed into an Awoken.

Life in The Distributary[edit]

Upon awakening in the Distributary, Orin named herself Nasan Ar. She found a home under a tree and welcomed any other Awoken who would pass by. Eventually, she reluctantly became the mayor of her village, only to eventually leave in search of her true purpose. After wandering around taking up random jobs such as being a Corsair for a few weeks, she met and befriended Sjur Eido, who introduced her to the Diasyrm, who hired her as a translator. The Theodicy War concluded and the Diasyrm was presumed to be killed. When Mara Sov revealed her plans to the Awoken population in The Distributary, she wanted to go with them to see where she came from in remembrance to her mother. While working with Sjur, she was introduced to Mara. When she promised to convince more Awoken to leave with Mara's faction, the queen rebukes her and demands that she focus on helping those who are already willing to leave.

After the Exodus[edit]

Following the return to the Solar System and their attempt to build a society, Nasan did her duty, but also bonded with Mara, becoming a real friend and an unofficial counselor to the Queen. She watches as the Awoken break apart following the discovery of the Traveler and the Fallen, with many Awoken deciding to live on Earth. The day after Mara proclaims that the riven group cannot return if they leave, she asks to follow them and convince them that Mara is still someone they follow. Mara refuses, but Nasan persists, calling Mara out on her unwillingness to empathize with her people. Despite cutting to the heart of the matter, Mara adheres to her word; all who leave are banished forever. In spite of that, Nasan leaves anyway. Traveling to Earth with a gun, a survival kit, and her silver jar, she never finds any other Awoken. Slightly under two weeks from her landing, a group of Risen, afraid of the strange world they now exist in, find Nasan alone at her camp. Afraid of her strange appearance, they kill her in her sleep.

A Guardian of Humanity[edit]

When Nasar was revived by her Ghost, she one of the first things she did was request that her give her a name. Accepting Orin to be her new name, she named her Ghost Gol. Gol mentions a nearby settlement they can reach by foot in several days, and the threat of aliens they may have to face. Trusting her Ghost, Orin fashions a mace out of tree branches and the two move out. Once they reach the settlement, they find it has been destroyed and the residents slaughtered by nuclear weaponry. Upset by the senseless slaughter, Orin asks who was responsible. Gol explains that a Warlord was likely responsible, and since no was around to stop them, the massacre was the end result. While Gol calculates the likely time-frame of the raid, Orin contracts radiation poisoning, and her Ghost has to herd her away from the danger zone.

Moved by what happened, Orin begins a one Titan campaign against the Warlord. Though she has no quarrel with the Fallen, she hunts them to salvage gear and weapons to use. Eventually getting her hands on a Scorch Cannon, she becomes a threat to Risen that have been around longer than her, eventually becoming a target of mercenaries. During a battle with a gang of such mercenaries, she is rescued by the Pilgrim Guard. At first assuming them to be more enemies, she eventually learns their purpose and befriends them. The Guard offer her a place with them, and she accepts, being gifted a new war hammer. One day, Orin encounters another Awoken, and learns that her people live in the asteroid belt, but no one can tell her why they are not on Earth. As the decades pass, Orin works with the Guard, fighting Warlords, defending against Fallen, and protecting civilians. Eventually though, the same restlessness that overtook her in her days as a reborn Awoken begin to overtake her. Despite loving her role and her community, she confides in Gol that she is itching for something else, despite not knowing what or why.

During her search for answers, Orin meets Namqi Sen, an Reef Native pilot stranded on Earth after his ship is downed by a Fallen Skiff. Orin questions him about the Reef and the Awoken there as he struggles to repair his ship. Eventually, Orin goes with Namqi for drinks and continues her questioning, where she begins to find Namqi's looks and listening ability attractive. After eight weeks of meeting, Namqi finally repairs his ship. Still unsatisfied with the knowledge she's gained, Orin convinces her new friend to smuggle her and Gol into the Reef. He obliges, but they are caught and imprisoned partway into the asteroid belt. Orin is visited in her cell by Sjur, who is slightly disheartened to see her old friend as a Guardian. After a brief detainment, Mara has Orin brought before her without Gol or Namqi. Despite remembering nothing of her past, Orin immediately recognizes her. Mara explains to her why she was banished from the Reef. She is brought before her former queen several times over the course of her imprisonment, where Mara talks to her about things more terrifying than anything she learned since she was first revived. Eventually, Mara decides that since Orin is no longer has memories of being Nasar, she can't be held accountable for violating an oath made in her past life. Instead, she is punished for sneaking into the Reef, and is allowed to go free in exchange for a favor Mara can call upon later. After being cut loose, she returns to Earth to think about everything she learned.

Over time, Orin watches the Pilgrim Guard become famous, and lives to see the Risen take up the title the people bestowed on them: Guardians. Despite being happy at her friends' success, she opts to leave the Pilgrim Guard permanently. Orin is kept busy by Namqi, who calls her everyday while serving out his sentence in the Reef. Once his time is served, she convince him to come to Earth and take her across the system in search of answers to humanity's past. The two of them traverse the inner solar system, working odd jobs to keep Namqi's ship running. The two eventually start a romantic relationship, spending centuries exploring together.

On the day that Sjur died, Mara called in Orin's favor to her. Mara's asks that Orin investigate Sjur's death and find her killer. Orin suspects Mara want them dead, but she explains that she is not convinced that Sjur's death was murder. Orin obliges, and her search leads her to a being with tentacles for a face. The man tells her to forgive someone, but not who needs forgiving. The man reaches into his robes, and Orin strikes him with her hammer, only to find that he was reaching for a silver jar. She punctures the lid and finds the jar was full of dust. The man makes a cryptic statement about the dust, and before Orin can look up, he vanishes.

At some point, Namqi perished in an Aphelion attack. After learning of his death, the Drifter - claiming to have been a friend of Namqi - finds her and offers his condolences.

Orin sought out nine Ghosts who had gone beyond the Solar System and inquired after their findings. Receiving only a set of coordinates she left them.[1] She also found several "deep-orbit minds" in the midst of her search, although these may be the same Ghosts.[3]

Emissary of the Nine[edit]

"Welcome, Guardian... to the place where everything dies. And begins anew."
— The Emissary

She soon encountered some of the Nine herself.[4] After warning her of the possibility of going mad from the conversation[5][6][7] and of a potential price as a consequence,[8] they tasked her with finding three "worthy keys".[9] They then commended her for seeking them out, for her resourcefulness in acquiring a ship and her decision to avoid "a golden snake who poses as a god".[10]

However, at some point, Orin was transformed from a Guardian to a "Shell" as Mara Sov calls her, becoming the Emissary of the Nine.

The Emissary was sent to meet with Mara in her court during the third cycle of the Taken curse placed on the Dreaming City. She brought Mara vital information on behalf of the Nine along with an offer. The Guardian known as the Young Wolf arrived as their meeting came to a close, with Mara agreeing to the deal and requesting that the Emissary have an unknown asset move into place somewhere beyond the grave of the first fleet. The Emissary then departed from the Queen's throne to convey the agreement back to the Nine.[11]

Personality and Traits[edit]

After being transformed into an Emissary, Orin's will is no longer wholly her own, although she does retain some free thought and desire. The physical transformation she underwent also gave her pupil-less glowing eyes and the ability to float in mid-air. Her lips also do not move when she speaks.


  • "Your battles paint a portrait."
  • "You think you found this place. It wants to be found. There are many like me, and so this place serves myriad purpose."
  • "One is judgment. In all of its connotation. The weight of it as a weapon. Another is death. Inevitable. Relentless."
  • "This battle is yours to win. Or lose."
  • "The mysteries of the universe are open to you! On the edge of a blade, on the tip of a bullet, burning in the Light. You are judgment relentless. 'Til the end of all things."
  • "You're not like the others. You don't hesitate as judgment falls upon you like the night. Good. Perhaps you understand. Not like the others, the ones who ask - beg - for mercy. Mercy is broken and bleeding. Judgment stands in its place. Of all your whispered questions, I will say this: I am no "Lord Shaxx" I am judgment. Those I serve have seen to it."
  • "My judgment is final."
  • "Confront your fate."
  • "The end is here."
  • "To enter this realm is to leave mercy behind."
  • "Yes I understand, it will be done."
  • "I will be damned, they will be perfect, they will cease to be!"
  • "Everything dies, so die well."

Beginning match[edit]

  • "Your team... Versus... Your opponents."
  • "Fight and live."

Course of match[edit]

  • "Three lives left!"
  • "Five lives left."
  • "No more chances for the enemy."
  • "No more second chances on your side."
  • "One minute left."
  • "One minute. Do not falter."
  • "One minute left. You have the edge."
  • "One minute. You have them. Finish this!"
  • "One minute. Both sides on death's door."
  • "Thirty seconds. Night falls."
  • "Thirty seconds. The Nine are watching you."
  • "Thirty seconds. The Nine are eager for a result."
  • "Thirty seconds. The enemy is fading."
  • "Ten seconds."
  • "Your enemy has no reserves left."
  • "No reserves left on your side."
  • "The lead is yours."
  • "You're ahead."
  • "One foe left."
  • "One opponent remains."
  • "One enemy remains."
  • "With that you are complete."
  • "You are the last. For good or ill."
  • "Your cunning is lethal."
  • "Warlocks win before the fight ever begins."
  • "They lack your focus, Warlock."
  • "Now it's your turn."
  • "Your defining moment has arrived."
  • "You broke them."

Match beginning[edit]

  • "The Nine demand perfection. Now make them cower."
  • "The Nine watch eagerly, for now."
  • "The Nine await your victory."
  • "Deadlocked. The Nine demand an outcome."
  • "Numbers favor you."
  • "You have the edge."
  • "The enemy has the edge."
  • "Your enemy has favor."
  • "Your enemy intends to finish this."
  • "Enemies coming for you."
  • "Heaven or hell."
  • "This battle is yours to win. Or lose."

Match end[edit]

  • "You crushed them."
  • "You are the oncoming storm! You show no mercy."
  • "You have their attention, Guardian."
  • "All lives expended. Welcome to the end."
  • "All lives depleted. Live well."
  • "The enemy is out of lives."
  • "No more second chances for the enemy."
  • "The Nine are losing interest."
  • "And still you remain. The Nine look to you!"
  • "That made you stronger."
  • "You have thoughts that kill."
  • "You persist!"
  • "And still you persist. The Nine favor you."
  • "Death is inevitable. Relentless."
  • "This is not a place for mercy."
  • "Even Guardians die."
  • "Judgment."
  • "Yours is a war without end."

List of appearances[edit]


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