Grimoire:Activities/Story: Mars, Meridian Bay

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"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.
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The Story: Mars, Meridian Bay subsection of the Grimoire covers subjects related to Story missions set on Mars.

Exclusion Zone

Grimoire Exclusion Zone.jpg

"Breaking the Exclusion Zone brings us one step closer to the Garden - and it gives us access to Freehold, a triumph of Golden Age civilization. But I must warn you again of the Awoken's tactics. They see us all as playthings in some cosmic joke."
— The Speaker

The Buried City

Grimoire The Buried City.jpg

"I wish I could walk the halls of Clovis Bray. Losing their machines to Rasputin is unfortunate, but we still have access to so much we thought we'd lost. This is the dawn of a new era for us."
— Master Rahool

The Garden's Spire

Grimoire The Garden's Spire.jpg

"No one's ever penetrated the Blind Legion perimeter and made it into that Warbase. Until now. I'm going to tell everyone you took out an admiral and seized the Spire, and they won't believe me, and then I will win so very many bets. Speaking of, I have a thousand Glimmer down on your death in the Black Garden. Nothing personal!"
— Cayde-6

A Rising Tide

Grimoire A Rising Tide.jpg

"Of all the tactics we have to use against the Vex, shutting down their gates may be the most effective. You may have saved Freehold from being overrun. I sense a pattern here - a connection between this Vex outbreak, the Black Garden, and the Vault of Glass...I need to know more."
— Cayde-6

The Black Garden

Grimoire The Black Garden.jpg

"At last, the Heart of the Garden has been destroyed, its stranglehold on the Traveler released. Our Light brightens. But the power of the Vex is not broken. Look into the Vault, Guardian, for it is said to hold powers the Progeny were meant to bring forth."
— The Speaker