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Exile Baroness
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Baroness of the House of Exile
Fought alongside Cayde-6


The Exile Baroness was a Fallen Baroness from the House of Exile mentioned in the Ghost Fragment: Fallen Grimoire. She once fought alongside Cayde-6 against the Hive and later died at his hands. Cayde would continue to remember her by holding onto a House of Exile Banner marking the Baroness found in his treasure chest[1] and retelling the Baroness story at the end of the Shard of the Traveler Quest to acquire the Nightstalker Subclass.


While searching for a Hive Shrine on the Moon, Cayde-6 found himself in a battle against the Hive. Taking cover behind a crashed Phaeton, Cayde spotted a Fallen Baroness of the House of Exile fighting the Hive as well. The Hive pushed back both Cayde and the Baroness onto a hill with an old interferometry array on top of it. Fighting together, the two killed most of the Hive and Cayde eventually climbed the array to get an angle on the Wizards and saw the Baroness kill a Knight but lose her blades in the process. From his perch, Cayde exhausted the rest of his ammo, but only one Wizard and a line of Thrall remained. After climbing back down, Cayde saw the Baroness was badly wounded and he wondered how many people she had murdered. The Baroness then tossed her last Shock Pistol to Cayde, but when he went to grab it she attempted to stab him. However, she was slow and Cayde easily dodged her, and he proceeded to break her arms and slit her throat. Cayde wondered if the Baroness had truly wanted to kill him or if she did that to make his choice about ending her easier. Cayde proceeded to use the Shock Pistol to kill the remaining Hive.[2]


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