Kiriviks, King-Killer

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Kiriviks, King-Killer
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"Remember Kiriviks, the righteous who halted ravaging Rahdigask!"
— Excerpt from a Fallen war song translated by Perinel Fayr

Kiriviks, King-Killer was a Fallen Baroness who once fought at the Six Fronts in a bid to reclaim the Traveler from Humanity.


As the Fallen assaulted The Last City on Earth during the battle that came to be known as Six Fronts, the Iron Lord Radegast forced the retreat of the Fallen led by Rilliks, the Revenger. Seeing this, Kiriviks rallied her crew and ordered her snipers to fire upon the advancing Guardian and his allies, killing them repeatedly and forcing them to end their march and fall back. Seeing the enemy's lines faltering, Kiriviks ordered a counter-charge upon them and cut through their formation. As she fought against the Firebreak Order and the Fallen drew within reach of the City and the Traveler they began to believe they would win the day. As Kiriviks sang to the Great Machine while preparing for the final assault, she was suddenly cut down by the Warlock Osiris, shattering the Fallen's momentum and resulting in their defeat.[1]

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