Kethiks, the Yet-Proven

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Kethiks, the Yet-Proven
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Grief Unforgiven





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House of Devils



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Murderer of Hakim

Never forget what is taken from you.[1]

Kethiks, the Yet-Proven was a Fallen Captain of the House of Devils. Seeking the glory of killing a Lightbearer, as well as vengeance for the deaths of his friends, he led a raid on the remote village that was home to the Guardian, Zavala, and his family.


After the death of his predecessor at the hands of Zavala, Kethiks was promoted to the rank of Captain. Duty-bound to avenge their death, he was instructed by the House of Devils to hunt down and kill the Guardian. Kethiks himself also had more personal reasons to go after Zavala, as he had lost many of his friends to him. He also sought the glory of taking the life of Lightbearer, just as his father, Ykriis, had done. Through this, he could prove that he was indeed worthy of the position he had been granted due to circumstances.

Kethiks spent three days surveying the small village where Zavala lived, along with his wife, Safiyah, and their adopted son, Hakim. With a raiding party of Vandals and Dregs under his command, the Captain launched his attack on the village in the dead of night, hoping to catch his prey off guard. Despite this, his forces were met with stiff resistance from the townsfolk. Kethiks fought his way through the villagers as he searched for the Guardian leading the defensive effort. When he found Zavala fending off the incoming attackers, the Captain charged towards his target, throwing a woman into a burning wooden structure as he made his way forward. Before he could reach the Lightbearer, however, he was intercepted by Hakim, armed with a curved blade. Laughing at the young man's defiance, the Eliksni disarmed his opponent effortlessly and began toying with him half-heartedly, thrusting at him with his Arc Spear, before impaling Hakim and pinning him to the ground. Kethiks looked back to meet the eyes of the enraged Zavala, Light crackling within him. The Captain raised his spear and charged at the Guardian, only to instead be killed by the Lightbearer he had set out to murder.[1]


Although he had avenged his son by killing Kethiks, Hakim's death weighed heavily on Zavala. Blaming himself for what happened to him, he begged his wife, Safiyah, for forgiveness, despite her knowing he was not to blame. Unfortunately, the grief wore far too heavily on Zavala, and they eventually decided to go back to the lives they left behind. Safiyah would later find a new partner and have a daughter. After she died, Zavala would mourn the loss of his former wife, once again begging her for forgiveness. He would continue to do this for generations afterward, keeping his grief a secret and never forgiving himself for what happened.

With the return of the Leviathan to the Sol System and the reemergence of the Nightmares, Zavala and the Guardian would encounter a dark reincarnation of Hakim's murderer, recreated by the Lunar Pyramid as the Nightmare of Kethiks, Grief Unforgiven.[2][3]



  • Kethiks consistently referred to Zavala as 'demon.' This could be a reference to another series of games made by Bungie: Halo. Throughout which, the members of the Covenant refer to the protaganist, the Master Chief, with the same insult.
  • When he first appears in the cutscene discussing Zavala's past, Kethiks is seen wearing armor like the kind worn by Captains of the House of Dusk. However, he appears to be wearing a different helmet when it shows Zavala killing him, resembling that of Riksis, Devil Archon. This may have been a developer oversight.

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