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I thought it might be worthwhile to note in Trivia that the Sun is actually nowhere near as large on the real-life Mercury as shown in-game.

In the game, the full width of the Sun appears to subtend an arc of approximately 60 degrees, which would imply an orbital distance comparable to the solar diameter (about 1.4 million km). However, Mercury is 46 million km from the Sun at perihelion to 70 million km at aphelion (its orbit being highly eccentric at 0.21) - about 30 to 45 times more distant.

Assuming perihelion, the Sun would appear about 1°45' (1.75 degrees) across - "only" about 3 times larger than from Earth (0.53'). Assuming aphelion, it would be about 1.15 deg (1°10') across, or twice its apparent diameter as seen from Earth.

Of course, it's possible the Traveler changed the planet's orbit, but at this distance, it would take much more paracausal effort (unless those powers are so unphysical that it makes no difference) to keep the planet from roasting than it would in its original orbit. (With regular physics, the planet would most likely be doomed.)

Anyone with edit privileges: If you think this is worth adding, feel free to copy / paraphrase the material above on the page.

Mike 06:23, 6 August 2018 (EDT)

Hello Mike! You are bringing up good statements, and I'll make sure that what you've written will be added to the page. Also, I don't know how new your account is, but I believe that Destinypedia has a time limit on a few days for a user to become an autoconfirmed user. This is to prevent vandalism on locked pages like this one. Soon enough you will be able to edit these pages aswell. Thank you for your contributions! PASSION AND PARADOX. \ AID SAKRIX. \ SIMPLICITY REQUIRES COMPLEXITY. (talk) 11:27, 6 August 2018 (EDT)